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you will know me better by reading my blog....this blog is my outlet....whatever i feel...whatever it is that's on my mind...i put and write it down here...you can tell who i am by reading my blog because this is the real me

just enjoy reading my blog....it's a true feelings and story...

MY UPDATE....hahaha
Posted:Jul 31, 2007 6:28 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2007 6:26 pm
It's August now, Time really flies so fast...Here I am at work, taking my time to blog the new updates about me here in Saipan.

I am at work right now, well, not really working, still I am on PROBATION, on the job training rather. I am working as a Cashier/Poker Attendant in a POKER GAME ROOM, and by that, of course I have to earn the trust of my employer here for I am holding great BIG AMOUNT of CASH here. TRUST is at stake here.

My papers are still on the process, I am still waiting for my MEDICAL CERTIFIACTE, which will come out by August 8, nah! 14 working days of waiting....and by then my papers will be processed...the question now is WILL THE LABOR approved it????

The job is so different from what I am doing before, wherein for the last 14 years I was holding MICROPHONE and LYRICS, now, i am now learning to fix the POKER MACHINES and of course CASH.....

I just hope I will pass this training and my papers won't have anymore problems...I have to wait until August 10....

By the way, I do received my first check..hahaha....my allowance check....wanna know how much it is...nah! $85.00 for a week work....no day off, Monday to Sunday...8:00 am until 2:00 pm....6 hours daily...

I don't have any internet connection at home right now. I am just taking a bit of my time here at work to blog and post to some of my groups...I am not that active right now...AS YOU CAN SEE , my picture is now out on the MOST ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE MONTH on our main page here....but I AM STILL HERE.....how could I possibly leave FFF, IT IS MY HOME...My friends are around...that so called TRUE FRIENDS....

Hayy, I really do miss posting...and all my groups...

MIssing you friends!!!!!

Posted:Jul 28, 2007 4:41 pm
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2007 3:23 am

Today July 29, 1928, my mother, Virginia , who was fondly called Virgie by her officemate before but Inyang to her family was born. She is now celebrating her 79th birthday. Unluckily I can’t celebrate it with her for I am far from home, but how I wish I was there for her, especially now that she’s in the Hospital, anyway, I will offer a prayer for her and will light a candle on her special day and will ask OUR LORD to give her strength and for her fast recovery….to give her a long life, so I could still be with her for a long time. I would like to dedicate this poem for her, my beloved mother!!!

How could I possibly forget?
For we always celebrate it with a bang
July 29, a day to remember
A very special day, dedicated to you!

For the last 78 years of your life
You dedicated it to your children and grandkids
I have seen it through my eyes
How you love and care for your kids

Even though you are not that showy
But deep inside you, you have this tenderness
Inspite all the hardships you’ve been through
You’re still there, whenever one needed you

You never get tired of helping
You never get tired of working
You got lots of friends around
You tend to be jealous sometimes

You’ve been a great daughter to your parents
I’ve seen how you’ve been a good sister
You’ve been through a lot of sacrifices with my father
You’ve been a good provider to us, your kids

You’ve done a good job, if you think you don’t
I treasure everything you’ve done to me
I wish you happiness, good health and more years
Happy Birthday to you….

Another FAVOR,,,friends and FFFers
Posted:Jul 27, 2007 6:11 pm
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2007 7:23 pm

Here I am again....

I know I did asked a lot of favors from all my friends around here, but there's no other way i could rely to you what I need except here, because this is the place wherein I could easily get access to all of my friends and readers...

My mother, Virginia, right now is in the hospital and suffering from a sickness called PNEUMONIA, at her age now, the doctor advised her to take a shot every year for she is not that immune to such diseases.

She will be turning 79 years old by tomorrow, July 29, and will be celebrating her birthday on her hospital bed...

The favor that I would like to ask you now are PRAYERS for her speedy recovery and good health...shield her from the pain and sickness, Let God send His Holy Spirit to touch and heal her...

I know that if two or more pary and ask favor from Him...He will surely listen...please...I need I badly needed all your prayers right now...

THanks a lot to all my co-bloggers, readers and friends around here...

Working it out......my insight
Posted:Jul 24, 2007 7:40 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2007 4:41 pm

These is my insight about and how to work harmoniously with your co workers.....

One working back home in the Philippines or if you are in other places/country, one should know how to deal with your superiors as well as with your co-workers.

As a musician/crooner for the last 15 years of my life, I should know how to handle things when it got complicated, and when bad things gets in my way, not only with my group/band members, superiors, co-workers but even with our guests and costumers around. You need to play a good job in bringing good mood and make them feel at ease when you are there performing, same as with music and song, you need to have a harmonious blending of voices.

We have to start our day with a smile, as my name (sunshine) connotes it, bring sunshine to everyone’s lives and make life easier for them. We need to brighten up one’s life by being friendly and accommodating.

One should not envy, one should not hurdle bitterness, one should not harbor grudges, one should help a co-worker be it needed or not, one should understand other’s need. These are some factors on how to work harmoniously with your co worker.

I’ve been to different places and country, with different cultures but as we say it wherever we go, there will be good and bad people around and of course you can’t please everybody, and again another saying goes like this : Whenever you’re in Rome, do whatever the Romans do, which mean you have to adjust to their cultures and beliefs. Follow rules and regulations. Learn to dance to the music, follow the rhythm and you won’t go astray and will be happy with the company of others.

I do experience the problem of communication with co-workers and just used sign language but I do try and willingly learn the language. Joke and laugh with it when I got the wrong pronunciations of words. Being patient because it is a virtue

One more is keeping out of gossiping. It will only lead you to something disastrous among co-workers. Just enjoy spending time talking and communicating with them, share ideas, accept faults and mistakes and be sorry for it. Mind your own business and if someone asks for an advice or help, try to be there for them.

Don’t bring down co-workers especially if you’re on the higher position. Don’t use your power. Don’t step on anyone. Don’t put walls amongst co-workers but rather built a bridge to cover up the gap between different people around you, start a friendship. Treat each and everyone equally and fairly. Learn to cope with all the situations, and most importantly RESPECT!

These are some things I have learned while I was still with my band group and working along with different kind of people from different walks of life and from different countries. Try it and maybe life and work would be easier for you.
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No worries now.....friends!!!!!!
Posted:Jul 21, 2007 12:42 am
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2007 4:59 pm

Hello again!!!!!

I am still here in CNMI, Saipan...and for four long months that I am suffering from transferring to house to another...sustaining myself with coffee and bread...skipping meals sometimes...hayyy what a struggle!!!!

1 day before my 4th month here, I really do prayed sincerely..asking Him to guide me and be the driver of my life...whatever is His decision I will just follow....

I received a lot of offline messages, (sorry friends I really can't save it) and even emails from friends who are willing to bring me back home to the Philippines....and I was overwhelmed by my friends who are really willing to lend a helping hand in times of need...really angels are just around the corner....angels without wings....I am so thankful and grateful for the love and care that they are showing me....really do appreciate it very much....

Now...my friends, no worries...for the last four days now, I am on the JOB TRAINING as a cashier...it is not my job before but i have to make the most of it and take the risk...whoa...my boss keeps on leaving $5,000- $7,000 on the cashier box...and by the way I am working in POKER GAME ROOM...hahaha....

Come Monday, my employer will arrange my papers, I just hope the Labor won't deny it....

God really answers prayers if it is really meant for you...but if not, He got His reason why...or maybe He just want you to learn your lesson and WAIT....

My friends, no worries now....but we still have to wait until MOnday....please do pray for me....i still need it....

Again...thanks to all my friends...my SPACE and PLF family...moreso to all my groups here in FFF...

God bless us all!!!!!!
Posted:Jul 11, 2007 6:19 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2007 6:14 pm

Hey Guys! I can't go online these past few days...I've been going through a lot of things around here...as of now...I am like an NPA (NO PERMANENT ADDRESS) here in the island of Saipan...I've got no internet connection too..p;ease bear with me...

How I miss reading blogs and posting in my groups...i miss everyone around...how i wish and pray that everything will ends well...I am getting tired and want to get out of these mess I am into....

While posting this, tears are flowing from my eyes...really don't know what to do...what to think...got nowhere to go...

please pray for me for it is really badly needed right now....really want to quit and give up....
EWAN ko....hayy!!!!
Posted:Jul 2, 2007 6:05 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2008 6:11 am

Ano ba naman buhay ito….nakakainis na talaga
Narito ako , nag iisa…pagod na sa kakaisip
Hindi na alam kung ano pa ang dapat gawin
Saan, Ano, Paano at Bakit…..hayyyy

Buntung hininga dito at doon
Tingin sa langit, panay ang hiling
Tulala at nawawala na sa sarili
Wala na bang pagbabago???

Makinig ng radio, puro love song pa
Haayy, bakit ba ganito talaga
Parang napakaraming sawi sa mundo
Hindi iisa ang may nahihirapan na damdamin

At ako, isa na ako sa kanila
Hindi matakasan ang paghihirap na ito
Bakit ba naman hindi makayang gawin
Ikaw ay mawala sa sistema at makalimutan

Ano bang meron ka talaga??
Bakit ba minahal kita ng sobra sobra
Wala naman ako mapapala
Sakit at paghihirap lamang ang kapalit

Kelan ba talaga matatapos ito??
Hanggang saan at hanggang kalian
Ikaw ay mananatili na mamahalin
Ewan ko….hindi ko alam….
hayyy....It's RAINING AGAIN....!!!
Posted:Jun 30, 2007 4:40 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2007 8:22 pm
It's raining once again
Here I am inside my room
You are in my thoughts, can't help it..
Tossing and turning in my bed

How could I possibly escape these feelings?
How could I possibly get rid of you?
When rain starts to pour
It is you I am thinking and missing

Listening to the sound of Air Supply
Which makes me shiver?
No tears but there's pain
Pain that I can't hide with a smile

I really miss your touch
Your smile, the laughter, the jokes
The way you hold me when it's cold and raining
But, I have to go on without you

I know, these loneliness that I am feeling
The emptiness in me, the longing
It will never leave me
As long as I am here...hoping!!!

Hoping against hope, as they say
Until when I will able to wait
Only time can tell when
Maybe by the time I have accept it

Rain will come and go
Sun will shine
Memories will always linger from time to time
But, I have to get used without you

It's raining again...today
Tomorrow will be another day
A smile and laugh will ease the pain
But you will always be remember.....

How come??????
Posted:Jun 28, 2007 7:25 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2007 6:38 am
Just a thought here...it just came into my mind...the question HOW COME....

How come a person is happy even though he/she knew that he/she hurt someone's feelings?

How come a person is so much in love to a person who doesn't care about how he/she feel?

How come a person can easily overcome the hurt and pain inflicted to him/her?

How come a person easily falls in love even though he/she was badly hurt?

How come a person easily gives up love and relationship?

How come some people doesn't have any conscience at all?

How come a person easily recover from hurt and pain?

How come a person easily forgets and throw away memories?

So many questions in my mind while reading some blogs around here.....

how about you do you have any questions too...questions that seems unanswerable????

Gising na ....PWEDE BA???
Posted:Jun 25, 2007 11:20 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2008 6:11 am

Natutulog ka pa rin ba???? Time for you to wake up…face the world…face reality…
Gisng na , pwede ba??? Ibukas mo na ang mga mata at isipan mo…
Hanggang kelan ka magkakaganyan???? Hindi ka ba nagsasawa
Sobra na ang sakit na idinulot sa iyo di ba????

Ang tagal mo ng natuitulog..ayaw mo pang magising
Baguhin mo na ang focus mo..ang landas mo
Ilang beses ka pa bang gigisingin???
Ilang beses pa ba ipapamukha sa iyo ang totoo????

Marami kang magagawa kung magigising ka na
Hindi tumitigil ang mundo para sa iyo
Lahat ay nagbabago na, nag-iiba na..
Ikaw, Kelan ka ba magigising at magbabago

Imulat na ang iyong mga mata sa katotohanan
Tumingin sa iyong paligid, Hindi ka nag-iisa
Marami ang dumaan sa pinagdaan mo
Pero tingnan mo sila at nakayanan nila ang lahat

Marami ang pwede mong gawin…
Umalis sa kinahihigaan mo… tumayo,lumakad, magmasid…
Isipin mo,,,ayusin ang buhay mo…
Maging mulat ang mata…

Kaya pwede ba…..GUMISING KA NA!!!!!

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